Race Retro

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Audi_Quattro Ferrari_308_GTB_Rally
Triumph_TR7_V8 Lotus_Sunbeam_1979
Ferrari_308GTB_1976 Lancia_Stratos_Alitalia
Lancia_Stratos_Rally Triumph_TR8
Baby_Birtha_DTV Lancia_Stratos_1974
Lotus_Esprit_S350_1999 Lancia_Integrale

Race Retro was held at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry on the 25th - 27th of February 2011. I went on Saturday the 26th. The weather was very wet to start with however as the morning progressed it got better. The main hall had a nice selection of cars and the first car I saw was a lovely looking Lotus Esprit S350. There was also Gerry Marshall's Vauxhall Baby Bertha DTV amongst others. The real highlight of the day was the rallying around an off-road track. There was a great selection of cars racing, including a Ferrari 308GTB (looking very similar to a Michelotto), an Audi Quattro, two Works Triumph TR7 V8's and a Lotus Sunbeam. A great day out and thoroughly recommended.

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