Lamborghini Bravo

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The Bravo was another styling study by Bertone, designed by Marcello Gandini. After the Miura, Marzel and Countach, the Bravo was a feasible production GT car. It was show at the October 1974 Turin Motor Show. Its mechanicals were bespoke, designed specifically for the car. The engine was a V8 2,996cc, set transversely. It developed 300bhp, with maximum torque of 235Ib ft at 4,000rpm and had a proven capablility of 169 mph. Because of the position of the engine, the wheelbase was narrower than other Lamborghini's, making the Bravo and agile and easy to handle car. The car covered 43,000 miles in testing and showed its capabilities. However, the car was never put into production, due to the retirement of Ferrucio Lamborghini in 1974.


Lamborghini Bravo






The Bravo is for sale at RM auctions in 2011