Dome Zero

The Dome Zero concept was custom-built in Japan, with a body made of fiberglass featuring gull-wing doors and a rear cowl that opened to access the engine. Powering the Dome was a turbocharged version of Nissan’s L28 2.8-liter engine, which also had electronic fuel injection and a top speed of 139mph. The two-seater weighed only 2,359 pounds, and inside the two-passenger cockpit was a three-band radio featuring a computerized synthesizer tuning system, a cassette deck and a digital quartz oscillator clock. Driver faced an instrument panel display employing digital speedometer and trip odometer as well as the analogue tachometer and other gauges equipped with LED indicators. Written in Japanese characters, the word Dome means, "a child's dream."

In 1979 they made a federalised version called the P2, with enlarged safty bumpers for the US market.



1979 Dome Zero P2


Chicago Motorshow 1979