Club Lotus Donnington 2006

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Lotus Esprit Line up


The Donnington car park


Lotus Esprit N/A (S300 replica)


Lotus Esprit Turbo


Lotus Etna


Lotus Etna side View


Lotus Esprit S1


Lotus Turbo Esprit


Lotus Turbo Esprit


Lotus Europa Type 47 (Banks)


Robin's Turbo Esprit!


Lotus Esprit V8

The Club Lotus Festival was at Donnington again this year, held on 18th & 19th March, 2006. I attended on Sunday 19th, arriving at around 10am. As usual the focus of the day was in the Lotus only car park, at the front of the Exhibition hall. There was a good selection of every type of Lotus Esprit, with plenty of Giugiaro designed cars present. In particular lots of Turbo Esprits. There was also a concours Lotus Banks Europa (Type 47) present, see the website for more details The doors to the Exhibition Hall opened at 10am, which proved popular, as the weather was a typical March day, rather cold and grey. There were plenty of stands and exhibitors as usual, and some great cars on show, including the very rare Lotus Etna concept car. The Etna is owned by Olaf Glassius, a collector of Lotus cars, who is restoring the V8 engine and making the car road worth. At last the Lotus Etna will drive! The Lotus Type 72 racing car was also on display, as was a very nice looking Lotus Turbo Esprit Essex.