Club Lotus Donnington 2005

Lotus_Car_Park Club_Lotus_2005
Lotus_Esprit_Convoy_2005 Lotus_Esprit_Sports_350
Lotus_Essex_Esprit_1980 Lotus_Esprit_Turbo_White_1987
Lotus_Esprit_SE_1991 Lotus_Esprit_SE_1990
Lotus_Esprit_Turbo_1991 Lotus_Esprit_S2_1979
Lotus_72B Lotus_Type_30_White
Lotus_Europa_47 Lotus_Sinclaire_Of_London
Lotus_Type_62_1969 Lotus_Europa_Type_47_Red
Lotus_Esprit_Turbo_Gold Lotus_Esprit_Modified_GT3
Lotus_49 Lotus_Esprit_JPS_1979
Lotus_Esprit_Bonnets DMC_Delorean

The doors to the Exhibition Hall opened at 10am and the weather was the usual cold and grey March day. This year there was an interesting selection of Lotus' present; including an original Lotus Type 47 Europa and a silver Type 62 replica, which really stole the show. There was the competitively unsuccessful and very rare Type 30 present and a Formula 1 winning Type 72. As usual there was good selection of Lotus Esprit's present, with a concourse condition Lotus Esprit S2 JPS.