Club Lotus Donnington 2004

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Donnington Overview


Esprit Line up


Lotus Esprit S1


Rear view of Esprit S1's

Sports car

Lotus Esprit V8


Lotus Essex Turbo

Lotus Esprit S2 Yellow

Lotus Esprit S2


Lotus Esprit X180

Lotus Esprit Essex

Rear view of Essex

Lotus Esprit SE

Lotus Esprit SE

Lotus Esprit S4

Lotus Esprit S4


Lotus Turbo Esprit


Lotus Esprit S1

James Bond Lotus car

Lotus Esprit S1's

This years Club Lotus Festival was held on the 27th and 28th of March 2004, at Donnington Park, near Nottingham. The best place to be was at the "Lotus only" car park at the front of the exhibition hall. There was a very good turn out of cars this year, with cars spilling out into the surrounding fields and quite a number of Esprit's couldn't get parking in the "Lotus only" car park. There were some nice early Lotus Esprit's, including the, the Esprit prototype, making an appearance at the show. It required a full mechanical restoration. There was a immaculate Lotus Esprit S2 present, shown above, and a pair of concours S1's. Inside the Hall, there were many exhibitors; from Lotus dealers and specialists, to parts suppliers.